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Since 1998, NEWARE has been committed to providing world-class testing solutions for the batteries and capacitors.

Development Path

A global after-sales system began to be established.

"NEWARE Store" App updated to version 3.10.0, Web version launched.
"NEWARE LabTech" App enables NEWARE AI PC interconnection and sharing.
NEWARE AI 2.0 (LIMS) launched.
BTS 8.1 college version released.
CT-4000 5V100mA delivered in bulk.
All-in-One Testing System upgraded.
4 Temperature Zone All-in-One Testing System released.
CT-8002 In-situ Battery Testing System unveiled.
High-precision battery internal resistance meter BT-9562 pushed to the market.
CTE-5016 5V75A high current channel parallel equipment mass production.

The Integration chambers have been highly praised by customers.
The CT-9000 Series has been recognized by top customers.
The SMB Series of products have found their way into some of the leading manufacturers of laptop batteries.
CNAS qualification obtained.

"NEWARE Labtech" and "NEWARE Store" Apps offer a one-stop-shop for Global Scientific Researchers in the field of Electrochemistry and Energy Storage Materials.
The environmental test chamber product range (MGDW and MHW series) began to be delivered in bulk in integrated solutions.
CE-6000 & 7000 Module and Pack Battery Testing System, CE-5000 Intelligent Battery Testing Tystem and TWS Bean Battery Testing System are delivered in batch.

Key features of the NEWARE battery charge and discharge test equipment are the accuracy of up to 0.02% and 4 ranges.
Integrated smart lab solutions, cloud-based LIMS and AI data analysis Services.

Through our reliable products and sincere services, NEWARE has been rewarded with an ever-increasing loyal customers and market share.

Sales increased 1.5 times comparing with year 2016.
NEWARE has joined in more than 40 conferences and exhibitions domestically and overseas.

CT-9000 has more orders in the high-end market, and its excellent performance is gradually approved by large battery manufacturers.
The regenerative CE equipment gradually replaces the CT series and saves energy significantly for customers.

More CT-9000 models launched successfully. The market share of NEWARE reached a new height.

Attended Battery Japan 2014 and Battery Show 2014 as an exhibitor.

LIMS was launched for laboratory information management. It complies with ISO17025 and focuses on testing process and result management.
New instrument utilizing regenerative technology successfully launched.

The 6th-generation tester, the BTS-9000, has been developed to provide a high performance testing solution for battery material research.

The 6th-generation tester, the BTS-9000, is approved to provide high-performance solutions for battery material research.

The 5th-generation tester CT-8000 was developed, providing driving cycle simulation capabilities.

CT-6000 and auxiliary channel, providing EV battery testing capabilities, had been developed successfully. And NEWARE had grown into one of the main suppliers of EV battery testers in China.

The 4th-generation tester CT-4000 was developed successfully, featuring pulse and DCIR tests capability.

Amoeba management adopted.
Office and factory space expanded.

The 3rd-generation tester CT-3000 was developed successfully, with maximum power up to 21kVA.

ISO 9001 certified, and SAP introduced.

The 2nd-generation tester CT-2000 came out.

The BFGS (Battery Formation and Grading System) entered mass production.

The 1st-generation tester came out, based on RS232.


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