Pouch Cell Automation

Automatic Production

NEWARE has conducted comprehensive solutions for automated battery production, with intelligent algorithms and full coverage across the entire production process, empowering the battery industry.

Technological Process

Process Flow:

Tray Loading—— Formation with Heating & Pressing—— Degassing —— Aging —— Grading—— OCV/IR Test —— Aging —— DCIR Test —— Storgae

the solution project

OCV/IR tester measure the voltage/ internal resistance of cells, store and upload the data to the database.

The tester is composed of control circuit module, test module, electric actuating unit, and sensing device module,etc.

Combined with charge-discharge system to realize grading process.

 Heating and pressing process with formation machine

Temperature Monitoring in Each Layer
 Omnbearing Smoke Detection
 Independent Temperature Sensor of Each Cell
 Working 24 Hours Continuously

The shelve is made by steel; convenient transportation and installation.

Meets the need of long-term automatic operation of tridimensional storage system.


◊ Data real-time backup.

◊ The probe assembly is adjustable and compatible with multiple of cells.

◊ Configured temperature sensors to monitor the cell in real time.

◊ Scheduling system intergration.

◊ Continuous data protection.

◊ Bi-directional DCDC & DCAC Inverter.

◊ Automatic calibration.

◊ Independent heating and pressure system.

◊ Automatic cells loading and unloading by manipulator.

◊ Pressurization adopts two pressure sources of motor or cylinder.

◊ Loading and unloading cells by RGV automatically.

◊ Independent scheduling system and database system.

◊ Configured temperature sensor to monitor the cell in  real time.

◊ Additional smoke sensors. 

◊ Adopting  DCAC regenerative power supply.

◊ Automatic calibration.

◊ Airing cooling system.

◊ Data real-time backup.

◊ The probe assembly is adjustable and compatible with multiple types of cells.

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