Cylindrical Cell Automation

Automatic Production

NEWARE has conducted comprehensive solutions for automated battery production, with intelligent algorithms and full coverage across the entire production process, empowering the battery industry.

Technological Process

Tray Loading —— Manual loading, manual pallet scanning code —— Manually closing the safety door —— Manually send the chemical composition process —— Formation and grading —— Open the safety door, unloading —— Next process

the solution project

All processes in the formation and grading are fully automated and controlled by the scheduling system.

Support 18650、21700、26650、32650 cells.

Adopting DCAC regenerative power supply. 

Additional smoke sensors.

Air cooling system.


◊ Charging-discharging and testing parts of the system are automatically calibrated, with the function of regular reminder maintenance.

◊ Core components have a senior stable and reliable supply chain. 

◊ Negative pressure formation system adopts an isolated cabinet, configured a reliable negative pressure control system and negative pressure components.

◊ Configured a separate human-computer interface, which can monitor each component in real time to ensure system security.

◊ Each location of formation and grading machine is isolated from each other and does not affect each other.

◊ Formation and grading have single cell over temperature alarm and automatic fire extinguishing design.

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