When copying entire rows of data, how to remove the shelved data

Latest updated: Dec 15, 2023
Video recording version:, compatible with BTSDA 8.0 software.

Today, we will demonstrate how to remove shelved data when copying data.

  • First, open the BTSDA data. Right-click on the desired data location that you want to copy. 

  • Select the "Copy" option, and you will see the "Copy selected line (remove shelving)" option. 

  • Then, you can paste the copied data into a TXT or Excel file.

That wraps up the entire demonstration. Thanks for watching!

This operation video tutorial is applicable to the following products:
● CT-4000 Battery Testing System Series (CT-4008Q-5V100mA, CT-4008Q-5V6A-S1, CT-4008Q-5V6A-164, CT-4008Q-5V12A-S1, CT-4008Q-5V12A-164, etc.)
● CE-6000 Battery Testing System Series (Cell, Module, Pack, etc.)
● CT/CTE-8000 Battery Testing System Series (CT-8002Q-5V100mA, CTE-8008-5V200A, etc.)
● All-in-One Battery Testing System Series (WHW-25-S-16CH, WIHW-200-160CH-B, WHW-100-2-160CH, WHW-500-5V6A80CH-380V, WGDW-380-2-40BFC-5V600A8CH, etc.)

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