Seizing minuscule currents with ease.

Steady-state data acquisition.
Embracing the energy of precision.

±0.02% F.S.
Current Accuracy
±0.02% F.S.
Recording Frequency
Sampling Time
Current Response Time
(10% F.S. ~ 90% F.S.)
Minimum Pulse Width
Off-Line Test

The NEWARE CT-4008Q-5V12A-204 battery tester is designed with a focus on pouch batteries, offering precision and reliability in a simple and efficient testing process. The four-range design not only enhances testing efficiency and reduces the time spent switching between equipment but also ensures optimal test accuracy within each range. Stable performance parameters to ensure accurate and reliable test data. At the same time, the product adopts modular design with each unit having 8 channels, which can be independently data acquisition and programmed with the maximum number of editable lines supporting 254 lines.

4-range switching,
precision defined.

Current ranges from 0.5mA ~ 100mA, 100mA ~ 500mA, 500mA ~ 6A, 6A ~ 12A can be selected to realize the controllable accuracy of small current in small range.

The four Current ranges of NEWARE-CT-4008Q-5V12A-204 battery tester are from 0.5mA to 100mA, 100mA to 500mA, 500mA to 6A, and 6A to 12A

Compact in size,
big on functionality.

With a height of 3U*, it occupies minimal space while offering numerous testing capabilities. Multiple units can be assembled onto a gantry, allowing easy storage and fulfilling the requirements for testing multiple batteries.

 NEWARE Battery Testing Solutions
 NEWARE Battery Testing Solutions

Multiple testing modes.
One equipment, unlimited capabilities.

Cycle Life Test
Rate Charging / Discharging Test
Pulse Simulation Test
dQ/dV Curve

Tailored for advanced battery testing: enabling dQ/dV differential capacity curve analysis capability.

dQ/dV differential capacity curve analysis graph

Powerful programmability.
Meet diverse testing needs.

The software is fully functional, covering a variety of work-step settings, recording, and data storage to meet a wide range of testing needs.

DBC Configuration
CC & CV charge/discharge test
500ms pulse width
Segmented recording
DBC Configuration
CC & CV charge/discharge test
500ms pulse width
Segmented recording
Support import/edit/export of DBC files. Different battery pack protocols can be communicated by simply modifying the code of the DBC protocol file without upgrading the program.
CC charging or discharging until the voltage reaches the specified value, and then seamlessly switching to CV mode for battery compensation which is smooth without any spikes.
Testing the performance of the battery under fast changes in current/power.
Allow to set up to 3 segment recording conditions per step, including voltage, current and time.

Perpetual dedication to safety protection.

● Discharge Data Protection

● Offline Testing Function

● Voltage Upper Limit Setting

● Voltage Lower Limit Setting

● Current Upper Limit Setting

● Current Lower Limit Setting

● Capacity Upper Limit Setting

● Delay Time Setting

NEWARE-CT-4008Q-5V12A-204-Battery Tester shows different security features

Extensive peripheral devices.
Create a multi-dimensional testing environment.

Supporting a variety of charge and discharge modes, including constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and constant current-constant voltage charging, it provides users with comprehensive testing solutions. Integrated peripheral devices such as Auxiliary Voltage, Auxiliary Temperature, and Environmental TestChambers for comprehensive testing and evaluation, providing multi-dimensional and quantifiable support for battery mass production testing.

The NEWARE-CT-4008Q-5V12A-204-Battery Tester can be connected to Auxiliary Voltage, Auxiliary Temperature, and Environmental TestChamber
NEWARE-CT-4008Q-5V12A-204- Picture of Battery Tester tilted to the right

Technical Specifications

Equipment name CT-4008Q-5V12A-204
CV output range 25mV~5V
Min discharge voltage 2V for universal holder,2.5V for 2m cable
Accuracy ± 0.02% of F.S.
Stability ± 0.02% of F.S.
Output range/channel Range1: 0.2mA-100mA
Range2: 100mA-500mA
Range3: 500mA-6A
Range4: 6A-12A
Accuracy ± 0.02% of F.S.
CV cut-off current Range1:0.1mA
Stability ± 0.02% of F.S.
Output power/channel 60W
Stability ± 0.04% of F.S.
Current response time <1.5ms (10%F.S. ~ 90%F.S.)
Working step time ≤(365*24)h/step
Time format-00:00:00.000(h、m、s、ms)

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We offer powerful auxiliary equipments
and accessories to provide comprehensive testing support for battery testing.

We offer powerful auxiliary equipments and accessories to provide comprehensive testing support for battery testing.

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