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International conference on Advanced Li-Batteries for Automobile Application

October 29, 2023 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The 14th international conference on Advanced Lithium Batteries for Automobile Applications

Over the past decade, the electric vehicle industry has flourished due to market demand for "green" cars, zero emissions, and a fast yet quiet driving experience.The international conference on Advanced Lithium Batteries for Automobile Applications (ABAA) was initiated in 2008 with the aim of promoting global R&D on advanced electric vehicles, facilitating discussions and communication on scientific experiments, and fostering global cooperation. Throughout its history, the ABAA conference has attracted senior policymakers from the United States, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other countries, as well as leading automobile manufacturers, battery industry representatives, and renowned scientists from academia and national laboratories.

The 14th ABAA conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from October 29th to November 1st, 2023. During this event, over 50 government officials, top-tier scientists, and industry leaders from around the world will deliver keynote speeches and presentations, focusing on the latest research and development of lithium batteries for automobiles. The conference aims to facilitate discussions and advancements in the development of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, safe, and durable vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and pure electric vehicles.

Participants: Kenneth Li , Elley Wang , Mavis Ma ,


22C, YHC Tower, No.1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, HongKong

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