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11th World Congress of Chemical Engineering(WCCE 11)

June 04, 2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina


The World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE) is organized by the World Federation of Chemical Engineering (WCEC) every four years, alternating between Europe, America and Asia, and is a global conference with wide influence in the field of chemical engineering. The 11th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE 11), originally scheduled for 2021, has been postponed due to the infection of the new crown and is now scheduled to be held in Argentina from June 4-8, 2023, hosted by the Argentine Institute of Chemical Engineers (AAIQ), with the theme "The global chemical engineering working for a better future world". 

As a member of the Executive Committee of WCCE, CCS fully supports and actively participates in the conference, and will hold a satellite conference during WCCE 11 - World Forum on Opportunities and Challenges of Energy Storage Science and Engineering, which is intended to organize expert reports and exchanges on energy storage science and technology, energy internet industrial policy, etc. exchange, welcome to register to participate.


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